Poor Brody Jenner. The star of MTV’s friend-vetting show Bromance has the hardest time finding a little love! If it's not those evil former Hills hotties backstabbing him, it’s his own dad.

When pops Bruce was asked by a nasty reporter (not I) if he found it sad that son Brody had to resort to a TV show to find amigos, the Kardashian clan leader replied, "Absolutely." Jeez.

Well, I went on Brody’s BFF-search show, airing tonight, and found the dude not at all pitiful. Pumped and preening, maybe, but def not pitiful.  There were tons o’ equally good-looking fellas dying to do anything Brody said just to be close to their potential best bud. Like, stuff, I’m sure Toothy Tile would be into! So, check it out and let me know if you think Brody’s a loner with a smokin’-tight bod—or not.