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Biggest surprise from the Oscar noms? Not one bone was thrown to Marley & Me, a flick that's made more money than you'd ever want to know. Shouldn't Jen Aniston get nom'd for selling her naked body alone?

Too bad she can't strike gold again since there's no chance of a sequel. But an undead doggie prequel? You'd better count on it.

Heath Ledger was nominated early this ayem for The Dark Knight, duh, one year to the day of his death, no less. How's that for bittersweet? It's been a long year of scandals and secrets surrounding Heath's passing—we're still iffy on how an Olsen twin got into the whole mess, and how she got out of it so easily.

The only thing we do know is that it was way too soon. And in honor of Heath's A.A. shoo-in chances, we asked several high-profile Australian actors how they feel about the late Ledger. For those heartfelt thoughts, not to mention what Kate Winslet feels for her hideous Nazi character in The Reader, do read on:

Aussies with Heath on their minds:

Eric Bana: "I think he's just another great example of the opportunity that's afforded to us by America. And we're very privileged to get those opportunities and get some great, interesting roles. He's a really great example of that."

Olivia Newton-John: "He was an amazing actor; it was a terrible tragedy. I think his talent will inspire others, definitely."

Melissa George: "What a great person to look up to. A hard worker. Such a tragedy, but I'm so happy for his family that he's getting the accolades. "

And if there's any justice come Oscar night, li'l Matilda will have even more to inherit than just a Golden Globe. Oh, and totally getting an Oscar, mark my usually right-on statuette words, is Winslet, who played a German woman who once chose those who'd die—and those who wouldn't—in a Nazi concentration camp. I asked KW where in the hell did she draw from to play that one:

"I had absolutely nothing to draw on in my own life. I didn't think I would be able to do it because I couldn't relate to anything at all about this woman. I just had to be very brave."

I, for one, will just be glad to see the standard politically incorrect female Oscar-winning role change from being the alcoholic/lesbian/slut/hooker character it usually is, to something different. You?

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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