•  In her latest video blog, Miley Cyrus pseudo-raps about the haters who think she's a poser for wearing Iron Maiden shirts (really, she's so hard core). Then she explains why you should wear a bike helmet, but she doesn't. After she frighteningly sings some Queen, she heads to Demi Lovato's house for Meatloaf.

•  Goop schmoop. Here's Gwyneth Paltrow's boob.

•  Who goes from George Clooney to Ryan Cabrera? Apparently, Sarah Larson does.

•  Don't worry, Keira Knightley. Last time we told someone off, we used our cell phones too…not!

•  Shia LaBeouf is in gnome-man's land.

•  Dear Brangelina: Thanks for the invitation to spend some time with you this summer in your new Long Island digs. Unfortunately, we'd feel a bit cramped under such conditions. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

We haven't seen a good Suri pic in awhile but a daily dose of Violet Affleck never hurt anyone. Check out the adorable celebuspawn and her A-lister pals in our Big Picture Gallery!

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