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Paris Hilton, you may be wishin' you'd stayed BFFs with Kim Kardashian, 'cause she's workin' it on the web! So, too, is crafty sis Khloe. I mean, if Nicky Hilton Rothschild and Pare-poo were this smart about finagling on the Internet, I dare say Paris's rep would be slightly less sullied, and Nicky's clothes, or whatever she designs, would sell better.

For ince, Kim just brilliantly endorsed her recent Razzie nomination, smartly running to the dubious achievement of distinction, rather than away from it like many a dumbo celeb. And Khloe just shows how much she has in common with media mastermind Tina Fey:

Like Fey and her notorious detractors on the web, Khloe has no patience for potty-mouthed nitwits: K2 isn't afraid to say that those who are racist and judgmental are absolute hags in her book. Indeed, when I asked Khloe about her fab cojones and how she feels about responding to the vitriol, she exclusively told me:

"I am on my blog constantly and even get the comments forwarded to my Blackberry. I appreciate both the good and the bad and honestly don't care if people write that they don't like what I'm wearing or if they think I've gained weight. But when people leave comments that are racist and ignorant, I feel the need to speak up for both myself and my loved ones."

Good for you, girl. But you must be responding a friggin' lot. Lots of scared little anons out there who hide behind their big screens, no?

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