• Jessica Alba would not give Bill O'Reilly a shout-out because, as she says, he's "kind of an a-hole." Then she went and tried to call another reporter out at the same event. She's a feisty one.

Good point, Star, where are those Brangelina twins?

• Katy Perry's going around saying, "I've actually taken a vow of celibacy this year...no kissing anyone. Just my cat, Kitty Purry." Whatever sells.

• Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez continued their "everything's hunky-dory here" tour at an inaugural duet performance where Marc's romantic song dedication went over her head and then he commented, "Man, she's cute," as she left the stage.

• Leave K-Fed alone!

Something weird is going on with Kanye West's hair. By weird, we mean "mullet."

Why's everyone looking so down today in our Big Pic gallery?

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