The inauguration might be history, but if your thirst for anything and everything political is still in need of quenching, allow us to offer up the following trailer for the upcoming thriller State of Play, out April 17.

From what we can tell here, shaggy-haired journalist Russell Crowe tries to figure out exactly why a woman who worked for, and possibly had an affair with, U.S. congressman Ben Affleck was murdered. Well, nothing is what it seems (is it ever?) as Crowe and fellow reporter Rachel McAdams begin to uncover clues that inevitably lead to a barrage of references to conspiracy, cover-up and billions of dollars.

On a bit of a side note, Crowe stepped into his role after Brad Pitt reportedly left the project over disagreements involving the script. So what do you think? Does what you see here put you in a run-don't-walk-to-the-theater state of mind, or did Pitt make the right call in passing on Play? Comment away!

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