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Can you tell me who in Hollywood actually has naturally long hair rather than extensions?
—Rosie, Ireland

Well, let's start with Hayden Panettiere. I would much rather discuss the dress she wore to the Globes—exactly how many ribs did she break squeezing into that thing? But no. You want to know about hair. Hers is real. I mean, some of it is.

"Naturally, it comes down to about the bustline," her stylist, Leonard Zagami of the Anthony Leonard Salon, told me. "But we'll still put in clip-on extensions sometimes. This past September we put her in three different looks in one day."

Meanwhile, another star who appeared at the Golden Globes also has real, long hair—even though it may be the only remaining natural thing about her...

...and that's Demi Moore.

"She has naturally long hair that she keeps healthy and always looks incredible," says Paul Labrecque, who did Renée Zellweger's blond color and style for the Globes. "She is a Hollywood rarity."

Indeed. Celebrity hairstylist Patrick Melville tells me that plenty of stars prefer extensions.

"There are two types, permanent and nonpermanent," says Melville, who counts Eva Longoria Parker as a client. "When you glue an extension on the hair, over time the hair will become stressed and ultimately damaged. An alternative is nonpermanent, used often by Paris Hilton, who clips on hair extensions to achieve extra volume for red carpet appearances.

"Celebrities like Britney Spears turn to permanent hair extensions," he adds.

One last celebrity for you, in case, for some terrible reason, Britney isn't enough for you.

Kyra Sedgwick has long and natural hair, according to Labrecque, who has worked on her in the past.

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