Mischa Barton

Chris Polk/Getty Images

So what are the moderately famous blogging about the inauguration? Mischa Barton: "I cried, I won't lie...I cried because I had a press day where I had to answer worthless questions about fame." Kim K: "This election was the first time I've ever voted..." Pete Wentz: "it just felt good. maybe i kind of felt like an ewok too." And there's more out there.

Is Katie Holmes 9 feet tall, or will someone please explain what is going on here?

So far, the Obamas are a success. They were able to bring Miley and Nick Jonas closer together. See, everything really is going to be OK.

Amy Winehouse's dad says the singer has only been close to death twice. Apparently, her parents are working on a documentary called Saving Amy, which ought to do the trick.

Even the celebrity porn industry has to recycle ideas every now and then.

Who hit up the inauguration, who stayed behind in Sundance and what is Jay-Z wearing on his head?! The answers lie in our Big Picture gallery.

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