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Holiday TV's Hanging Chad: HBO was still trying to figure out how many people tuned in Sunday's all-star pre-inauguration concert, We Are One. The network made the feed available to all cable homes, subscribers or no.

Holiday TV's Big No-Duh Winner: Perhaps you've heard of a little game called football? The estimated 36.3 million that CBS averaged for Sunday's AFC championship game have.

Guess Who Likes Mondays? Fox's House (14.9 million, per Nielsen estimates) hit a season high in viewers on its new night.

Guess Who Likes Mondays Less? Airing opposite House at 8 p.m., the CW's Gossip Girl (2.2 million) was down 22 percent from last week among women 18-34. Airing after Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill (2.6 million) was down 20 percent in the category. 

Jack Bauer Watch: Fox's 24 (12.1 million) basically held serve. It was down 2 percent in viewers from last week.

Etcetera: CBS' Two and a Half Men (16.1 million) was Monday's most-watched show. With House, it tied for No. 1 in the 18-49 demo. CBS' Big Bang Theory (11.1 milion) and How I Met Your Mother (10.8 million) stayed hot. ABC's The Bachelor (10 million) hit a season high. 

Unhappy Birthday: ABC's Desperate Housewives celebrated its 100th episode Sunday with its smallest audience for an original episode: 13 million. Airing opposite playoff football can age you like that.

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