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Big Love is back, and everyone's favorite polygamists are in for a roller-coaster season of shocking love affairs, family revelations and deadly danger.

We just caught up with the stars at the Big Love season-three premiere party and got the inside scoop on what's to come. Among other things, Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene) told us, "This season we'll answer the very question that people most often stop me on the street to ask, which is what is your relationship to your stepson?"

Are Margie and Ben finally going to act on their inappropriate chemistry? What other reveals can we expect to see? Read on for a tipsheet of the top five secrets of the season:

1. How far will Nicki go for her father? According to Jeanne Tripplehorn, "Nicki gets into a lot of trouble this year," and according to Chloe Sevigny, "In the third season Nicki's father is on trial. She tries to get some information about the trial from the district attorney's office, and she gets in a little over her head...There's a lot of ups and downs, a lot more secrets and lies." Oh, Nicki...

2. What killed Bill and Joey's sister Maggie? Yes, the mystery of what happened to Lois and Frank's long-lost daughter Maggie will finally be revealed. Grace Zabriskie (Bill's mom Lois) tells me, "We're finding out what it means to Lois, and Bill is finding out a couple of things about it that he didn't know." The truth about Maggie's death is pretty horrifying, and it motivates Bill to finally face down an old enemy.

3. Where do the Henricksons come from? According to Doug Smith, who plays oldest son Ben, "This is the first time I ever went to the compound. Ben never went to the compound the first two seasons. You'll definitely see the younger, teenage Big Love castmembers at Juniper Creek." And worlds collide.

4. Can Heather and Sarah's friendship survive long-term? The fans will learn a shocking secret about Sarah at the end of episode two, but it will be a while before Heather catches on, and it's going to be a terrible shock for her when she finds out. According to the wonderful Tina Marjorino, "Heather is really being tested this season with everything going on with Sarah (Amanda Seyfried). There are a lot of things that Heather's had to question and certain things that she's had to put aside to be friends with Sarah. It's a really good storyline, very intense."

5. Is Barb going to die? Jeanne wouldn't spill any secrets about Barb's health, but she did admit a Barb-centric drama continues throughout the season, saying, "Barb has a personal crisis, which I can't really divulge, and it kind of works out and then of course she's kind of faced-punched every episode. Just when it seems like she gets back up again some new crisis develops...The crisis goes on for a bit." OMG!

Can your love for Big Love live on if Barb dies? Are you thrilled to finally be back in touch with the Henrickson clan? Post in the comments!

New episodes of Big Love airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO beginning tonight. Check out the premiere, and then check back here soon for more Big Love dish from the stars and producers!

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