Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Billie Piper

Ed Miller/Showtime

How's this for every pregnant girl's worst nightmare:

Squeezing your rapidly expanding ass...ets into ridiculously skimpy lingerie to film outrageous sex scenes for the whole TV-viewing population of two continents to see.

A very special kind of hell, right?

Well, that's precisely what British star Billie Piper endured to bring you the second season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Showtime's smart, sassy and, yes, sexy UK import, which premieres this Sunday.


So what's happening this season with the Londoner? How about anything and everything a successful call girl doesn't want! Think falling in love and—gasp!—could there be a baby on the way? I've got the scoop from star and self-proclaimed prego-"bitch" Billie Piper herself...


OK, so thankfully, the pregnancy thing doesn't happen on the show, but it did go down in real life to new mom and newly buxom Billie (Belle), who was five months pregnant when she started out shooting this second season of Diary.

"I had my moments, but it was mostly, surprisingly, all right," she tells me. "I think everyone was generous with their time and their patience becauseI was a bitch at times and just furious to be working!"

The pregnancy did have at least one upside: "The boobs are like 10 times better this year!" Billie says with a big grin.

Aside from Billie's new bundle of joy, Belle is in for some surprises too. "It's not a new show, but it's definitely moved on in terms of relationships. She falls in love this time—deeply in love—for the first time in ages. It's any interesting comination: Sex with someone you love and sex for money."

What do you fans think about  the bumpalicious new Belle and the prospects of her falling in love? Will you watch this season? Sound off below...

—Reporting by Megan Masters

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