Barack Obama

As if saying gay marriage shouldn't be legal and then asking homo-bashing Rick Warren to say the prayer at his inauguration wasn't bad enough!

Now Barack Obama's asked openly gay bishop Gene Robinson, of course, to give a prayer at some B-list opening during all the festivities, an obvious weakass mea culpa.

Hey, Barack, if you really want to take a stand, rescind Warren's invite with a press release that says so not cool to compare pedophilia to homosexuality, among other horrible statements Warren has made and only partially apologized for.

Could you imagine if Warren had made any kind of racist statements, how that would have come across? I know, I know, Melissa Etheridge and I so don't agree on this one, whatever. It's just all so fake, really. Disingenuous, too. For the future president of the United States, especially.

Oh, and that open letter you wrote to your kids in Parade? That's kinda fake crap, too, since it was ghostwritten by a woman. Who's childless, no less! You just kill me, babe.

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