Jennifer Lopez

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez says she didn't wear her wedding ring to the Golden Globes because her look had already reached the appropriate amount of  “You want a piece of this?” desperation and any further sign of her being married would have clashed.

 GND's Kendra is full of fun facts today: "Now I'm totally against [Hugh Hefner's] way of life, with three girlfriends and all of that." And she clears up the sex thing: "I had to have sex every now and then, so I had to kind of sneak it."

All right, Katie Holmes, you're such an edgy fashion model and we didn't see any fire in Posh's Armani ads. So you win the fierce-off or whatever you two are doing.

Why do you do this to yourself, Verne Troyer?

We're with weirdo dancer dude with the curly hair from Bromance, the best part about Lauren Conrad is her nice shoes.

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