Pete Wentz

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Despite TMI statements to the contrary, Pete Wentz's recent behavior may be putting his spousal and parental performance into perspective.

Sure, the arrival of Bronx Mowgli (with wife Ashlee Simpson) and the holidays clashed with the release of the fourth Fall Out Boy album, Folie à Deux, but now Wentz has announced a national arena tour kicking off in early April and continuing through mid-May.

You want further evidence that the rocker may be ditching diaper duty?

Barely two weeks after Bronx's Nov. 21 birth, Wentz was taping a guest spot on the CW's Privleged. A few weeks later, he hosted an art show.

For New Year's, he brought mom and baby to Las Vegas, but skipped out on the big Simpson family dinner earlier this week.

Now, we know it's not really our place to judge, but, just for fun, do it anyway!

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