Kate Winslet


Dear Ted:
Is anything going on, or was anything going on between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio? They were adorable together at the G.G. Plus, she said she has been loving him for 12 years or something.

Dear Titanic Hopeful:
I wish for them to be together as much as you, babe, but currently I'm afraid it's a no. Kate's married—happily, I hear—to director Sam Mendes. Leo (who's really still too soft, needs to tone up at the gym, don't you think?) was very much with that model ho at the G.G. afterparties.

Dear Ted:
Do you think it's possible that the destruction of Hohan and Sam's relationship is due, in part, to an onslaught of severe yeast infections caused by those ungodly leggings?

Dear Burn After Reading:
I'm sure what's itchin' them is from a lot of things.

Dear Ted:
Is Crescent Kumquat from One Spoonful of Spice Blind Vice American or British?
Patti Chicago

Dear Across the Pond Thirst:
Kumquat is very all-American.

Dear Ted:
You're just as sneaky as David Duchovny, aren't you? Do you actually have credible goss on David-Gillian or are you just playing with us on this incredibly hot topic?

Dear Gill-Off-Me:
I assure you, I couldn't make up this stuff. Clandestine meetings in bathrooms, salivating longings at Gillian's bosoms, just to start!

Dear Ted:
So I have a theory that Brangelina will not win any awards until they break up. I think the rest of Hollywood is irritated with their holier-than-thou attitudes and their manipulation of the media, as well. Am I onto something? Is there political backlash against them for doing what they did, and how they've subsequently handled it all?
T Scotty 

Dear Bad Brange:
Not officially. Not yet. But it's brewing, likely to be in full force at the Oscars, where I predict both media manglers will get far less attention had they been more real with their colleagues this awards season.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Maniston? Are they still together, or have they parted ways? I haven't seen much mentioned about them being together since New Year's.

Dear Mayorville:
Still together? Meaning they ever were? Well, as together as that slut Mayer gets with anybody, I s'pose. But no.

Dear Ted:
I emailed a few months back about not being able to get past the jump on the blog. It fixed itself, but now it's back. I really want to read about Jon Hamm being a goner! Is it me? Is the site experiencing technical difficulties? Inquiring minds want to know.

Dear Lonelygal:
No, it's not you. Tons of techy probs right now, especially with jumps on items, very sorry about that. The IT powers that be insist everything will be groovy by end of this month, please be a peach and stand by! Thanks.

Dear Ted:
You kind of gave a date "year" when you think the Brangie breakup will happen, do you have one for Ben & Jen? Also do you really think Angie will leave Brad? Now they are considered a power couple with six kids that it would affect, does she actually want to mess with that?

Dear All Falls Down:
Both are inevitably doomed for the long run, 'cause when it comes down to it, both couples stay together for the wrong reasons. Jen jumps way before Angie.

Dear Ted:
What do Hollywood "beards" get paid: Oscars, Golden Globe nominations, movie contracts, or plain old money? Thanks.

Dear Worth It:
All of the above, for real.

Dear Ted:
Is Fake à la Ferocity's husband/boyfriend bisexual? Is he famous, too?

Dear Bonafied Bi:
Yes and yes.

Dear Ted:
Know you are a huge fan of John Travolta, and it may be inappropriate to ask at this time, but here goes anyway. Did you two ever have a tryst with him when you were single? Just wondering.

Dear Friend Zone:
Call it a flirtation. No bodily fluids were exchanged, I swear.

Dear Ted:
Lindsay Sloane
is Dar Rollins' wife. Dar Rollins is David Duchovny's agent. Coincidence? I think not. Hank Moody is on a very, very short leash. Or so it seems to me.

Dear Threeway:
Yes, tethered by Agent Mulder, I assure you.

Dear Ted:
Thanks for having the balls to nail Gus Van Sant on why no gay actors are in his film. So he's telling us that Neil Patrick Harris would tank the financing of this small film? Straight Hollywood makes stars out of relative unknowns all the time. Why can't Van Sant grow a pair and do that for his own? I'll tell you why. Because he's a bitter old tool who is so jealous of a beautiful, young, out gay actor that he would rather die than make him a star. We are never going to make any progress in this area unless we stop treating each other like the enemy! Thanks for doing your part, Ted. You rock!
Jeff Nelson

Dear In or Out:
I wouldn't go quite as far as your choice of words for Gus, but I, too, sure would have liked to see some out gay men (and women) in the flick about one of history's most outspoken gay heroes. 

Dear Ted:
What is really is up with Robert Pattinson? The man seems a little...odd. I heard that he's holed himself up in London and fans/websites are starting to try to track him down. No wonder the man fears the Twilight fans, they're crazy!

Dear Where in the World Is R.P:
I do feel bad for him, some of those girls are crazy (I get their letters). I think this is a normal guy who really wasn't ready for all the fame. At least he isn't complaining about it and then going off and clubbing at all the H'wood hot spots like Lindsay Lohan. No, he's taking care of that task quite nicely at home.

Dear Ted:
Wondering what you thought of Kate Winslet's omission/forgetting/dig at Angie Jolie at the globes. Was it on purpose? Personal? Professional? Or is the Industry getting tired of the haughty Jolie-Pitts? Ms. Winslet carries herself with a great combination of class and down-to-earth-ness. What's up there?
Wade, Maui

Dear The Reader:
I, too, heart Kate, she's one of the few people in the Biz right now I'd call a true star. As for the Pitt dig, well, he'll be back.

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