Barack Obama

DSM/Fame Pictures

Was John McCain right when he compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton? It's starting to seem that way with B.O. seeming more like a professional party planner instead of the next leader of our country.

His Inauguration is playing host to practically every celeb next week with more bashes and balls than we can keep straight. Now, Barack's appearing on the cover of Parade mag, an outlet that typically features big celeb names for their cover stories like Daniel Craig or Reese Witherspoon.

Something just doesn't seem right. Why is Obama sitting down with Parade, writing an open letter to his daughters about his hopes for their future? First off, you ain't no Michael Lohan, or Jon Voight, B, it's not like you're estranged from your kids. Pick up the damn phone or say it at dinner.

The campaign's so over; we don't need to know about your fatherly love, we need you to get to work and fix this friggin' economy. What's next, a Lauren Conrad-type Us Weekly cover exclusive?

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