Jackie Chan, Pat Morita

Columbia Pictures; Andrea Raso/LaPresse/ZUMA Press

We know Jackie Chan has the martial arts moves of a master...but how is he at trimming bonsai?

The Hong Kong-born action star is in talks to take on the role of Mr. Miyagi in an upcoming remake of The Karate Kid, per the Hollywood Reporter.

The premise would be similar to the 1984 original, in that Chan would be playing mentor to a teen who's being harassed by bullies and is in need of both philosophical guidance and some sweet self-defense moves.

Will and Jada's kid, Jaden Smith, who cut his drama chops alongside dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, is set to don the karategi (and perhaps the showerhead costume) once worn so proudly by Ralph Macchio.

But the question remains, how do you think the swift footed Chan—who at 54 is still out there doing his own stunts—will stack up against the late Pat Morita, who played the sage Sensei Miyagi in four Karate Kid films and had a knack for saying it all with nothing but a stare?

Karate Kid Remake Poll
Waxing philosophic, do you think Jackie Chan's moves can measure up to Pat Morita's?
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