Despite the fact that January is still, for much of the country, a time of snow, fireplaces and mittens, Soup Blog reporters have discovered that the beloved Peanuts-based A Charlie Brown Christmas seasonal television special is meaningless after the holidays.

"I don't get it," stated 38-year-old New Jersey resident Sid Timmons. "Just a couple of weeks ago, I was going to Christmas parties where they were playing all that Charlie Brown music, and I loved it. I watched it on TV, too, which I hadn't done for years. It really gave me a sense of happiness and brought me back to my childhood and all these tender, warm feelings."

Timmons, bored at work two days ago, watched the same Peanuts Christmas show on YouTube.

"It depressed the living hell out of me," revealed Timmons. "How is it that it seemed so great in December, and now, well...Can you just leave me alone?"

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