Sigourney Weaver, Alien

20th Century Fox

The only thing nervier Sunday night backstage at the Globes, besides every outlet and its mother producer stealing my Sigourney Weaver conversation (without giving me credit, so boring, I really should get used to this crap) was Steven Spielberg hinting that Indiana Jones sequel number 264,00 would be coming our yawn-ready way.

"There may be another Indiana Jones. George [Lucas] and I have had a couple of conversations," dropped S. Great, can't wait to watch age-spotted Harrison Ford break his back trying to bed Cate Blanchett after handcuffing and whipping her for doing such a bad German accent.

Next thing you know, Sigourney W. strolls by. And since the Hollywood boys club seems to think it's fine to keep hauling out action stars until they're geriatric and preposterous, I wondered if Weaver was similarly game?

"I think it's more satisfying to create something new," Weaver, 59, sorta bitch-slapped back at the Spielberg set. "I love the Alien films and am very proud of them. But I think, enough already."

Have to say I'm a tad disappointed, really—as are teams of die-hard Ripley fans, I'm sure. Would have loved to see Weaver pull off the cougar-from-outer-space thing, maybe schtupping Colin Farrell in a gravity-free cargo hold or something?

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