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OK, just gotta let you know a tad more Globes gab:

Did you know Miley Cyrus actually thought she was going to bring down the Boss for Best Original Song? Yep. "I want to win," she practically seethed to a good bud of mine right before the show, nearly foaming at the mouth and saying she actually thought it would happen. Is that what happens when a 16-year-old gets a Porsche?

They think the world just magically falls into place, all wishes granted, afterward? Who knows with that chick—she also says she's not actually doing anything with that near-nudie boyfriend of hers, either. More pressing questions exist for the future of bitchy/boozy Mad Men, don't you think? Sober up and read on:

Weird, too, at the Globes, were Jon Hamm and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. As any boob-tube fan who's been following the show's questionable future knows, a smooth-sailing season three for Mad ain't in the works. Is Weiner being forced out? Is Hamm's ego too problematic for everybody to work with? When I pressed Weiner and the cast on who is—and is not—coming back for the next season, Weiner wouldn't answer (which, I thought, was a pretty honest answer, actually).

But Hamm blabbed, half smiling: "I am not. I won't be here for season three. Good luck, you guys." Truth in humor? Watch it there, bro.

Bitterly caustic, for sure, was dark comic Ricky Gervais. When I asked the non-nominated Brit comic if he was dying to meet Brangelina, just like the rest of the crowd—nominees and winners included—he scowled almost as if I had asked him to clean up Margo's poop. "No," he growled. "I just want something to eat."

So does Angie, babe, so does Angie.

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