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While 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan simply could not stop going on to me about meeting Tom Cruise at the Globes—even how much he loved the guy's handshake ("it was warm and firm," Jordan
giggled)—others who know the Valkyrie and Tropic Thunder star better were less enthusiastic.

An ebullient Tom Wilkinson, fresh from his John Adams win, froze backstage when asked about his Valkyrie costar.

"He's...charming," Wilkinson told me, hesitatingly, and with a noticeable frown, like he was auditioning for Mean Girls 2 or something.

We pressed on, Any secrets about being on the set with him?

"I didn't spend a lot of time with him," said Wilkinson, who had numerous scenes with Cruise. Nor has Wilkinson even seen the Nazi Christmas movie. Don't you watch the movies you're in, man?

"Yeah, but I haven't seen that one."

Why the hell not?

"They are opening it in Germany," Wilkinson offered. "I think I am going over there for that." OK, babe, whatever.

Then we ran into Mr. W at one of the billion Globes dos. We tried again: Are you disappointed Valkyrie didn't get any love at any awards shows?

"No, I understand they weren't going to enter for any of those things, so that's not my decision."

Any stories of hanging with Tom off the set?

"No, Tom isn't the kind of guy who hangs out."

OK, clearly Tom isn't having it with Cruise, whatever the reasons. Let's try a diff, impossibly beautiful costar to inquire about. How 'bout George Clooney from Michael Clayton? Will the infamous bachelor ever settle down?

[Laughs] "He's a really great guy. He's with this girl, and he seems pretty happy."

Which girl is this?

"I assume it's the same one he was with last year?"

Uh, yeah, exactly, Tom. You were doing better with Cruise, actually. But you sure get an A for the costar pretty-boy effort! Smooch and thanks!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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