David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

David Duchovny musta known there was no way in hell he was winning against Alec Baldwin last night—the dude was way relaxed at the Showtime afterparty, clearly OK without an award to lug around.

And why need a li'l Golden guy when you can have a gal clutching onto your arm? Davey sat, hoochie-coochie enthroned, at the head of the Californication table, a pretty gal by his svelte side all night. Sorry all you die-hard Gillian 'n' David X-ites, it wasn't a redhead—it was a brunette. You're gonna have to keep waiting for the official D and G matchup to come out of the bathroom once and for all. 'Cause it didn't go down at the Peninsula last night. But something female sure as hell else did, and she most decidedly wasn’t named Téa:

The D-cuddling babe in question was actress Lindsay Sloane, who musta met Duchovny while working on a li'l flick called The TV Set back in 2006. Linds and Duchovny walked into the bash together and barely strayed from one another’s eyesight for the duration of the evening. And Linds doesn’t look a damn thing like Téa Leoni, who was nowhere around. Does the recovering sex addict really think that rumored reconciliation is gonna happen when he can’t keep his eyes off the women around him? And what’s with David not only specifically referring to his family during the broadcast itself, but right before, telling my colleague, Giuliana Rancic:

“I'm most thankful for my life and my family. My wife and my kids. And just the simple things, really. Um, my gratitude opens my heart up every day.”

Smelling perhaps a new, improved David after his stint with sex rehab, Giuliana continued and asked how he’s changed:

“I think it's hard to feel change. I think you just kind of do change...It's all about the actions. I hope the people close to me and my loved ones feel the change.”

Hard to say, since Téa was nowhere to be seen on the glittery night in order to assess D.D.’s new, improved 2009 outlook on things. Quite unlike Ms. Sloane. Oh that David, telling us one thing, doing another—such a sneaky little boy!

And could all this Sloane stuff simply be about steering the salivating snoops away from Anderson? Crazy thought? Well, I do believe in extraterrestrial PDAs, don’t you?

Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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