George Clooney, Rolls Royce Golf Cart

KevinMazur/Getty Images

Yet again, an item once owned by a fantabulous Tinsel Towner has washed up for bid on the shores of eBay. And what an item it is. You won't have to shout "fore!" to get attention on the links anymore; this garish, custom golf cart "made for flash and luxury" does the shouting for you.

Though the sellers claim (we emailed them) that this thing was once owned by gentleman George Clooney, it's somehow hard to picture the classy, Italian villa-owning Cloonmeister puttering around the putting green in this ridiculous ride. It seems far more appropriate for a drunken Vern Troyer. Or you, perhaps. Bidding is currently at $7,500. Ball washer not included.

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