Grey's Anatomy

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Will T.R. Knight stay with Grey's Anatomy or is season five George's last lap?

The authorities aren't telling, but everybody's favorite boss doc, Chandra Wilson, knows a thing or two about the future of her protégé, courtesy of the scripts she's been given for upcoming episodes. (Grey's returns with a new episode tonight.)

Our Michael Yo just caught up with the divine Dr. Miranda Bailey last night at the People's Choice Awards, and she had this to say about the current whereabouts of our favorite lost puppy dog, Dr. George O'Malley...

"We still have our cast," Chandra says. "Every script that comes down has O'Malley's name in it, so we're going to do right by the fans, and we're going to do right by the actors, but right now we're all together."

She's also not buying any critical cranking that there's been a drop in quality for Grey's this season. Chandra says, "I think that we're still given the same thing from day one. We got all that crazy medical in there, we got the relationship stuff, we got the romance. People have really gotten used to these individuals; they care about these characters, they care about their lives. That's good stuff, and we try to stay loyal to them."

As for the future, according to Chandra, "We've got a bunch of crossover, meshy, meshy, to put us all on the same night, so that's been a lot of fun having those characters hang out with us." seems like T.R. is hanging on for the time being! Is that good news? Post your verdict in the comments!

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