Brad Pitt

One of Brad Pitt's high-end hogs just broke down today. Hollywood and Bronson, quite near the Brangelina compound in Los Feliz.

No one stopped to help the famous biker dude. They didn't even get the chance. Brad's security detail—in a vehicle that was trailing Brad all along—quickly snatched up the Benjamin Button star to bodyguard safety.

So much for riding free 'n' easy in the mean streets of L.A., like everybody seems to think the butch star does.

I'm so not surprised. Neither is a Brad camper:

"He's not an idiot," sassed a close bud to B.P., regarding Pitt's regular decision to be tailed by guard-goon types. Guess I have to agree it all makes sense.

Just love though how deft Brad is at tweaking his famous devil-may-care public persona, making these on-the-street appearances look so much more daring than they really are. Wonder where he learned that kinda PR fine-tuning? Some vixen he met on Mr. and Mrs. Smith perhaps? Just a thought, nothing more.

Oh, and the errant bike was left with a Pitt employee for later salvation. Better make sure it's guarded well, Mr. P, as your zealous fans just might wish to put your mufflers to mischievous use!

Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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