Shannon Thomas, mug shot

Macomb County Sheriff's Dept

We're thinking this really may qualify her as the biggest loser.

Shannon Thomas, a 30-year-old contestant on the NBC weight-loss competition, was charged in Michigan Tuesday with domestic violence.

The incident went down Dec. 16, when Thomas confronted Michael Nolden, a tenant living in her basement over the volume of his TV. She allegedly broke some Christmas tree bulbs and then tossed an open bag of flour at his head.

Nolden, 32, called the cops, who spotted the floury mess and arrested Thomas, 29. Nolden packed up his stuff and moved out.

"I'm really a good upstanding person. I can't believe this is even happening to me," Nolden told Judge Sherman Faunce during her arraignment, per the Macomb Daily,

Thomas pleaded innocent to the domestic violence charge, claiming her former asement buddy tried to throw a pan at her. She was then released on $2,000 bond. If convicted, Thomas could receive up to three months in the pokey.

Tuesday was an an all-around bad day for the Michigan massage. Aside from her court appearance, she was one of nine constestants booted from The Biggest Loser's seventh season premiere, which aired that night. Should her mother, Helen Phillips, remain on the ranch the next 30 days however, Thomas will be invited back. A rep for NBC declined to comment on the arrest.

Loser's two-hour debut meanwhile brought in sizeable ratings for the Peacock, drawing 11.8 million viewers.

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