Amy Winehouse

AP Photo/Edmond Terakopian

•  Amy Winehouse takes to a St. Lucia hotel bar's piano to serenade her new boy-toy, aspiring actor Joshua Bowman.

•  Fergie and Mario Lopez were each other's first kiss when they were on Kids Incorporated. So cute!

•  Kevin Connolly is just not that into having Drew Barrymore join his entourage.

•  Fall Out Boy (the main reason Pete Wentz is famous) is not too happy with Blender magazine right now.

•  The $100 fine for spitting on the subway that Olivia Palermo 's cousin Nevan Donahue received during Monday's ep of The City should be the least of his worries. The socialite has a warrant for his arrest in Palm Beach, where he was caught soliciting a prostitute.

•  Dear Heidi Montag: Tackiest. Manicure. Ever. Thanks for that! Love, Rise 'n' Shine

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