As announced by the great Britney organ itself,, Brit-Brit's third single off Circus will be "If You Seek Amy." No, she isn't wondering what alley Amy Winehouse is stumbling through. If ya haven't heard the tune already, give it a listen above and see if you hear what our naughty ears are hearing.

B-Brit's still not that innocent, and neither is the song's chorus. So is the pop song gonna be censored for radio play or what? Would they bleep out not only the catchiest part of the song, but the song's title? There are gonna be tons of angry parents out there once their impressionable youths start chanting "ef you cee kay me" along with the Britster.

Sly how they got away without slapping a "parental advisory" sticker on Circus. Brit could use that sticker herself, taped right to her forehead. Me, too, for that matter!