Balthazar Getty


The Walker family from Brothers & Sisters may be losing a loved one sooner than we thought. 

According to sources who work on the fan-favorite ABC drama, the show's writers and producers have rewritten certain scenes and storylines in order to phase out Balthazar Getty, who plays Tommy Walker, before the current season ends.

"Episode 19 is expected to be his last," one well-placed insider tells us.

Getty's rep says "not true." The show's rep declined comment.

However, as first reported by E! Online's Marc Malkin, insiders say that Balthazar is leaving the show and isn't expected to return as a series regular next season.

And sadly, Balthazar may not be the only one affected...

When asked if Balthazar's exit means we'll see less of his onscreen wife, Sarah Jane Morris, a reliable insider says: "I know producers love her and want to keep her, [but] it may be hard to do with Tommy going away."

(This fan is hoping they find a way.)

If you watch Brothers & Sisters, sound off below with your thoughts on Balthazar's departure and the current season.

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