Jeremy Piven, Joyce Hiller Piven

Steve Granitz/

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Jeremy Piven famously did it, but it happens every award show. Amid the sea of beautiful people, a celeb strolls down the red carpet with—instead of some hot actress-model or most recent costar—the star's dear, sweet mom. Just look at Piven and his ma. Aww!

Seeing some big star share the award-show experience with his or her mommy is adorable, and occasionally even a little necessary (like, say, if the star is single or just recently broken up).

It's also currently a phenomenon without a name. Think you know what to call this particular act of red carpet kindness? Head over to the Celebrity Addictionary and start popping off with some ideas.

Like say, trophilial duty? Oof. We know you can do better than that! Get going, people.

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