Kitten-Puppy jail break video, JoLinn Pet House

JoLinn Pet House Facebook

If you're one of those people who actually despises Wednesdays, then we have just the video for you. Because we also hate Wednesdays. "Hump day?" More like "it's still not Friday day!" Right?! 

Anyway, this video of a sweet, adorable kitten posted at JoLinn Pet House in Taipei, Taiwan will serve as the push you need to get over this midweek hump.

Think of the glass wall between the kitten and the puppy as Wednesday, and you are the kitten. The puppy is the end of the week. You are the strong, ferocious, adorable kitty who will stop at nothing to get to that puppy! Climb, kitty! CLIMB!

Now watch this precious video and weep with joy. And remember: BE THE KITTEN.

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