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When you sign onto Instagram, there are two things you'll definitely, 100 percent come across: 

1. One of your friends will use too many damn hashtags
2. Your feed will be half full of photos of pets.

Instagram may be useful for posting on-point selfies, but the real reason the social media app probably thrived is because it's the perfect place to show off your cat, dog, snake, bunny, horse or whatever animal you have welcomed into your family. And when you look a little closer at these pet Instagrams, you'll notice that no two owners are alike when it comes to sharing pics of their fluffy buddies.

Here are the 8 types of pet owners you'll find on Instagram:

1. The Pageant Mom

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This pet owner has a closet full of special outfits and will literally spend hours positioning their pet on the couch to get that perfect glamour shot. If you see that the dog in an Instagram photo has nail polish or any sort of bling on their collar, the owner definitely has some "pageant mom" vibes.

2. The Casual Owner

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This person loves their animal, but their Instagram page isn't entirely pet photos. They'll usually post a photo every once in a while, and only when their pet is looking especially cute.

3. The Shamer

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You'll only see pics of this person's pet when they did something clumsy or stupid or just plain wrong. Usually these photos come with a note, shaming their animal. Who can be mad at a face like that, though?!

4. The "This Pet Is My Child" Owner

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This person doesn't just love their pet like a parent loves a child. This pet is their child. Even if they already have actual human kids, this pet will still get treated like it's just another member of the family. Most Instagram photos from this person include captions like "my baby" or "my son/daughter." And those photos are usually snuggling pics, because every parents wants to show off a sweet shot of a cuddle session with their kid, right?

5. The Artist

The photos these owners post of their pets are nothing short of breathtaking. The perfect lighting, the perfect angle, the perfect filter...it's art. You would print and frame these photos if you weren't against having random strangers' pets decorating your home.

6. The Instagram Celebrity Owner

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We're not talking about the pet of a celebrity on Instagram. We're talking about the pets who are celebrities themselves. They have thousands, sometimes millions of followers. They have an agent, an appearance fee and their photos are always professional and perfect. You wish you made as much money as these pets do per sponsored Instagram post.

7. The "Obviously Trying Really Hard to Make Their Pet an Instagram Celebrity" Owner

How do you know if you're looking at a pet owner who is desperately trying to make their animal go viral? It's all in the hashtags. If you see more than six, they are probably trying to get as many eyeballs as possible. Example: #cats #catsofinstagram #catfunny #catviral #viralcats #funny #comedy #pets #petsofinstagram #mypetisthebest #hashtagpets #makemypetfamousplease

8. The Worshiper

Their pet is perfect. There has never been another pet more god-like and transcendent than their own. Their pet should be leader of the world. And if you try and tell them otherwise, they will cut you. Both physically and emotionally, probably. Usually they caption their photos with a crying face emoji because the love they feel for that perfect beast is just. Too. Much.

Whether you shame your pet on Instagram or just dress it up in ridiculous outfits, you clearly do it all out of love for your little family member. Keep filling up our Instagram feeds with those adorable pictures, because we will never complain about seeing them!

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