Some pets don't have that many secrets, thanks to their famous owners!

With the release of Universal Pictures' The Secret Life of Pets coming up, we've been scanning social media to see more of our favorite celebs with their adorable furry friends.

Kevin Hart, who voices a bunny in the animated tale and is a dog-father of two in real life, recently posted to Instagram a photo of him and his Doberman Pinscher, Roxy, relaxing in bed, captioning it, "Paws to the face at 7:40am…This basically her way of telling me to wake my little ass up #doberman #bestdogsever."

#DopePic #MeAndMyDogs

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Hart's cast mate Jenny Slate also took to her Twitter account to playfully wish her beloved white Bichon, Reggie, a happy early birthday. The actress tweeted, "Reggie will be turning 11 years old this summer. He is stubborn and sweet and I love him very much. Also his mouth smells like a dead crab, but we all have our idiosyncratic jewels, don't we? He's a prince."

Ugh honestly it's just like GET OFF YOUR PHONE, I thought we were spending this afternoon TOGETHER, Reg.

A photo posted by Jenny Slate (@jennyslate) on

Even Miley Cyrus joined in the pet appreciation, posting a selfie of her and her kitten Shanti. Making sure to tag Shanti, who has her own IG account, in the post.

It's safe to say that social media has gone... to the dogs!

The Secret Life of Pets, about what our pets get up to after we leave the house each day, hits theaters July 8. Until then, check out more celebs who are more than happy to give us a sneak peek at their beloved pets' not-so-secret worlds.

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