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Rumors of Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles cameos in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie have been greatly exaggerated.

Actually, they're just plain false.

Eddy and Patsy Ab Fab stars Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley are setting the record straight.

"I don't know who put the rumor out but it was never a fact," Saunders told E! News about Kim K. while promoting the film this weekend in London. "It's not like [Kim] was on the phone going, 'But I want to be in it. I want to do it.'"

One report claimed that Saunders said that Kanye West's wife was "too crass" to be in the movie. "I never said that," Saunders said. "I honestly don't think I would ever say that. I don't even know the word 'crass.' It's not in my vocabulary. So that's completely wrong."

Another rumor that made the rounds claimed that Styles was being courted to play Patsy's love interest.

"It's nothing against Harry Styles, but he wasn't in it," Lumley said, adding, "It's not anti them. It's not anti the Kardashians. I'm not anti them because I don't know them."

Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

It's not like the movie isn't filled to the rim of a champagne magnum with celebs.

In the flick, Eddy and Patsy run off to the south of France when Eddy is accused of killing Kate Moss after accidently pushing her off a balcony into the Thames River during a party in London.

Also in the movie are Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie, Jon Hamm, Rebel Wilson, Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Chris Colfer, Joan Collins, Dame Edna, Stella McCartney, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Jerry Hall.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is in theaters on July 22.

Lumley and Saunders also showed up in character on Saturday to cut the ribbon to kick of London's gay pride parade.

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