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Hold! Up! Here we are still trying to get over Game of Thrones, and now we have to process this too. It is a rough Monday, people. 

In the craziest Titanic news you will ever hear, Billy Zane, who famously played Kate Winslet's totally scary fiancé, Cal, had a little something to say about their characters on-screen relationship. Zane was on TODAY to discuss his latest series, Guilt when he offered up an alternate Titanic ending sure to shock fans everywhere. Believe it or not, Zane defended his character in the 1997 film, hinting at the fact that Rose should have stayed with Cal instead of getting with Leonardo DiCaprio

First of all, no. Second of all, no. Third of all, NO. You just don't mess with the minds of Titanic fans like that, okay Cal!? Yeesh! Zane mentioned that Cal was "misunderstood" and that he felt his character "found redemption" by the end of the film. What about pulling a Teresa Giudice and flipping over a table screams misunderstood? How about that time he SLAPPED ROSE ACROSS THE FACE? Not sure anyone can find redemption after that. 

We love Billy Zane and his many other roles, but we're pretty sure Cal played the part of giant buttface throughout the entire film. Plus, who is Jack without Rose!? We bet it would have been Cal on that floating piece of wood while she froze up like a gosh darn Starbucks Granita. Amiright, ladies? 

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