Since she first rose to fame in the '90s, Diane Kruger has been known for her talent and beauty—and the actress recently revealed that during her younger years, all that positive attention went straight to her head.

In Town & Country's August issue, the 39-year-old star of The Infiltrator says that she experienced a major identity crisis after realizing she lived her whole life in a bubble.

"I had become arrogant," Kruger told the mag. "I had been a model, I spoke three languages, I had a career. I felt I had it all figured out. And then I realized that I was living this very privileged life in my own bubble that I created and I [didn't] know anything about what [was] really going on in the world and I didn't ask enough questions."

After coming to terms with her ignorance, Kruger decided to make some major life changes.

"I made a lot of different choices," she said. "I cut people out of my life who I felt were enabling my bubble."

Now more informed and aware of the world around her, Kruger is speaking out on hot-button issues, including the gender pay gap and sexism.

"I have yet to be paid the same amount as a male costar," Kruger said. "And absolutely I've been labeled a bitch, or difficult to work with, when I've spoken up about something. Or it's, 'She doesn't really know what she's talking about.'"

Although she's encountered her fair share of sexism in the industry, she's found a supportive and loving life partner in actor beau Joshua Jackson, whom she's been dating for a decade.

"Meeting someone like my partner, who has a very different perspective, who likes to travel in a different way and be open to various experiences was so important," Kruger said.

Kruger's spread in Town & Country hits newsstands July 5.

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