Madonna, Britney Spears

John Shearer/Getty Images; AP Photo/Thomas Kienzle

We told you all a month ago about the possibility of Madonna returning the favor and joining Britney Spears for a show or two on her upcoming tour. Now, more peeps are talking that Brit's choreographers are working overtime to figure out the perf gyrating moves for the two gals to dance out together on stage.

Madge's rep, Liz Rosenberg, is still mum saying that "nothing is scheduled," but if we've learned anything the past year, it's that the more Liz denies, the more chance there is that it's true. She might as well have said, "Yep, it's in the can, bitches."

We're so told, still, it's gonna happen, just not sure where, exactly. And after reevaluating Brit's CD, we really hope the duet is to "If You Seek Amy." No song could be more perfect for these two honeys currently on the prowl.

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