Kevin Hart, The Secret Life Of Pets

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That's not all, folks.

After hanging tough as an accountant moonlighting with the CIA in Central Intelligence, Kevin Hart will be heard but not seen in The Secret Life of Pets. But you can bet when the fluffy, joke-cracking, not-so-sweet bunny named Snowball is on the screen, you'll enjoy Hart's presence all the same.

For so many reasons, Hart was the spot-on choice to play this small bunny with a big personality.

Throughout his career, Hart has played everything from an aspiring pimp to a professional best man to a car washer faking his way through prison-preparation training for Will Ferrell.

Today, it's a given that he stands tall among his fellow A-listers, but he's come a long way to get here, toiling away for many years in Hollywood before he became a brand name starring in major movies and hosting the likes of the MTV Movie Awards.

Hart's career began in stand-up comedy, where he gained recognition for albums like I'm a Grown Little Man and Laugh at My Pain. But after some big breaks, such as Scary Movie 3, his career took off and has been running full-speed ever since.

Blink, though, and you would've missed his wise-cracking cameraman in Along Came Polly, an argumentative customer in The 40 Year Old Virgin and an entertaining nurse in Little Fockers.

This past year he starred in Ride Along 2 and Central Intelligence, which opened to strong reviews and a big box office last Friday.

To what does Hart owe all of his success? Hard work and humor. He is absolutely hysterical. Hart has the ability to bring his characters to life and make almost any situation funny. 

Before the whole family heads out to see The Secret Life of Pets, in theaters July 8, let's take a look at Hart's many roles throughout the years. We'll bet you forgot about some of these...

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