ESC: Must Do Monday

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There's a reason you get ready to go out (do your hair, put your face on, etc.) before you start drinking.

Mixing alcohol and makeup can quite easily be a recipe for disaster. Once the booze starts flowing, the chances of you dropping your favorite compact and crumbling your go-to bronzer is incredibly likely. But with that said, sometimes, the problem can actually be the solution...allow us to elaborate.

It's Monday morning and the above scenario happened over the weekend. What do you do? Turn to vodka.

Grab your "destroyed" compact and pour a tiny amount (1/3 of a shot glass worth) of neat vodka or ethanol onto the powder. Wait for the alcohol to be completely absorbed by the powder, once this happens it'll look and feel like paste, then, using your finger, mold the makeup back into shape. It's that easy.

Say goodbye to throwing away a perfectly good blush ever again.

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