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First, they took away our beloved Disney Dollars; now Disneyland might be snatching more of our favorite things right out from underneath our noses. While it's still just a rumor (thank goodness), we hope this is one wish that does not come true. Apparently, according to WDW News Today, Disneyland's 'Forever Fireworks' might become extinct. Come September 5, the show will be no more. You might know it as Disneyland's largest fireworks show, drawing tons of peeps to its bright lights. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to keep it going, as they may be canceling it due to financial reasons. Um, anyone else want to create a Kickstarter to keep this thing going?

The show was brought to the park in May of last year as part of the Diamond Celebration. In place of Forever, Disneyland's two seasonal shows for Halloween and Christmas could be the stand-ins. All we can say is we hope this stays a rumor and does not become a reality. Sadly, nixing park attractions have started to become a pattern, WDW notes. In addition to the Disney Dollars, restaurants, and other staples have closed because of apparent money concerns. We're not about to end this beautiful Disney piece on a sad note. The silver lining here is that, again, it's just a rumor and with positive thoughts we can keep it that way, amiright!? 

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