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Um, what ever happened to never giving up on the good times, ladies!? In the saddest news ever, apparently the Spice Girls are attempting to replace Victoria Beckham and Melanie C., for their 20th Anniversary reunion tour. We know, right? Despite the fact that these two decided against participating, the show must go on. Perhaps equally as devastating as the original Spice Girls break up, we don't really know how to handle this news. Evidently, Life & Style also says tryouts are going to be held to find a new Posh and Sporty (even though everyone everywhere knows they are irreplaceable). 

While we try and get used to this news, we made some suggestions as to who could be a good stand-in for each of the ladies. Again, we are not condoning the potential replacements whatsoever, as our inner '90s child is blowing a tearful snot ball into a tissue right now. Will we still call them Sporty and Posh? Will they have new names altogether? How will we still be able to call them the Spice Girls? It all feels so wrong. All sadness aside, we think they can skip the tryouts and just pick from our list instead. 

Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez

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1. Demi Lovato as Sporty and Selena Gomez as Posh. To be honest, any woman on this list could replace either of the original two members as they're all equal in talent, brains and style. We like Demi as Sporty because of her Melanie-esque, no-nonsense attitude (especially when it comes to standing up for what's right on social media). When it comes to Selena, she's a dead ringer for Posh with her mysterious, whispery voice (especially when she rocks stick-straight hair).

Rihanna, Ariana Grande

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2. Rihanna as Sporty and Ariana Grande as Posh. Riri is the master at making sportswear look next-level chic. Since athleisure is all the rage right now, we recommend her as an excellent Sporty Spice stand-in. Why AG for Posh? Something about her air of confident mystery makes us think she'd be perfect for the part. Although, do not dare turn off her (or any of the other ladies) mics during shows. 

Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani

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3. Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. Gaga can pull off Posh's high-fashion designer looks with ease, and probably run a marathon in a pair of stilettos. Furthermore, we all know Gwen can rock a sporty crop top and workout pants like it's 1999 all over again. 

Adele,  Beyonce

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4. Beyonce and Adele. Modern day Sporty Spice would totally wear Ivy Park, let's be real. Also, if you looked up the word 'posh' in the dictionary, a picture of Adele would be there. It's cheesy because it's true. So chic.  

Maybe this list of talented women could help us get used to the changes a little faster? To be honest, we hope this thing is just one big misunderstanding. 

Mel B teases Spice Girls 20th Anniversary reunion! 

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