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It's been a hard week for reality TV fans.

Both the Real Housewives and The Bachelor franchises experienced the break-up of  two couples, with The Real Housewives of New York City's newest housewife Jules Wainstein's husband Michael filing for divorce, and Bachelor in Paradise season one cast member Marcus Grodd revealing he and Lacy Faddoul have split (and were never actually legally married, despite their TV ceremony). 

Sadly, they are far from the first couples within their respective franchises to go their separate ways. We've calculated the divorce rate for each RH show and it's truly shocking, and even viewers are extremely skeptic when it comes to people finding true love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, when it seems most contestants now join for fame and the chance to snag a few social media endorsements.

With so many splits in both reality TV juggernauts, E! News was curious to see which franchise actually has the higher success rate when it comes to love. So, even though we loathe math, we decide to break out our calculators and find out the answer. It's time for Real Housewives vs. The Bachelor...

RHOA, Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas


The Real Housewives Franchise
The divorce rate of RHOC: 26.6 percent
The divorce rate of RHONY: 44.4 percent
The divorce rate of RHOBH: 33.3 percent
The divorce rate of RHOA: 60 percent
The divorce rate of RHONJ: 12.5 percent
The divorce rate of RHOP: Zero percent
The divorce rate of RHOD: Zero percent
The divorce rate of RHOM: 14.2 percent
The divorce rate of RHODC: 100 percent

Overall franchise divorce rate: 33.3 percent

Chris Soules, Whitney Bischoff, Bachelor

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The Bachelor Franchise (JoJo Fletcher's current season was not included, nor was Bachelor Pad the other spinoff...because DUH. Bachelor in Paradise was calculcated using the number of couples who left Mexico as couples in the finales.)
The break-up rate of The Bachelor couples: 85 percent
The break-up rate of The Bachelorette couples: 63.6 percent
The break-up rate of Bachelor in Paradise couples: 80 percent

Overall franchise break-up rate: 77.7 percent

The winner: The Real Housewives clearly take home the win on the battlefield of love, with a success rate of 66.7 percent, while The Bachelor's overall rate is 22.3 percent. 

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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