Aaryn Williams, Snapchat


Aaryn Gries now holds the power of motherhood!

The former Big Brother contestant had big news to share on social media today. As it turns out, the former CBS reality star turned vlogger welcomed a baby girl with husband Nick Williams by her side.

"It's so surreal that we are actually here!" she wrote on Instagram before revealing the first photo of her daughter Skyla. "We did it."

The announcement comes after the Vlogger documented her hospital visit on Snapchat for roughly 24 hours. It all began Monday evening when Aaryn was enjoying a movie night at home with her family and friends. Once it was time for her scheduled induction, however, it was go time! 

"We're here guys. This is like so surreal," she shared from her hospital room. "I have my what is this thing called? IV. Ugg, I hate IVs. And they're monitoring Skyla on these machines over here. You can hear her heartbeat."

Before receiving an epidural, the mom-to-be also shared how she was feeling as her delivery got closer.

"I'm having contractions and my back hurts," she commented. "I don't like feeling these contractions at all…Laying on my side is awful."

With her Cannon camera set up on her hospital bed, Aaryn also shared with followers that she vomited at one time during labor and was given antibiotics.

Aaryn Williams, Snapchat


Luckily, all things turned out great when baby Skyla entered the world Tuesday afternoon. And no, there were no snaps during the actual delivery.

Fans may remember Aaryn after she made several controversial comments during the 15th season of Big Brother. Once she was evicted from the house, host Julie Chen confronted the contestant on her headline-making remarks heard on the live feeds.

"That was not meant to be serious," she told the audience after watching her comments played back. "And if I said those things…I feel horrible about that and I regret that. I honestly feel horrible."

Big Brother returns for a new season on June 22. 

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