Katy Perry, Alec Baldwin, Courtney Love

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We're less than 48 hours into the new year and, already, celebs from Alec Baldwin to Katy Perry to Courtney Love can't wait to blog it out.

A sampling:

If you get dizzy easily or have ADD, we don't recommend you check out Love's 3,076-word post. It's a long and confusing ramble, beginning with a Kardashian dig, then talking about a "mortgage fraud sitiuation." She continues with a long list of names—including Kelly Ripa and Axl Rose—followed by a random list of addresses.

About halfway through, she says, "Now for the record I havent taken a narcotic or had any alchohol for npw over five years. if you want to call me eccentric or a witch bitch whatever you can I have never had any aspicartions that anyone 'love' me."

The rockstress concludes by saying she's become "an adept forensic…, but after all, f*** off let's rock."

• Alec Baldwin manages to maintain a bit more cohesion as he describes his three wishes for 2009. They include giving Slumdog Millionaire an Oscar, putting continued pressure on Detroit to "manufacture and market fuel-efficient technology" and stopping the SAG strike. He also wishes his mom a Happy New Year and mentions that she's recovering from surgery.

• Katy Perry, whose countdown fete had an audience of 5,000, tells fans, "I hope you make your dreams come true this year," underneath an illustration of a unicorn pooping Lucky Charms marshmallows. Yum.

Hills hottie Audrina Patridge lists her "five" resolutions, including learning a foreign language and reading "at least one new book a month," but, strangely enough, we count six. Too bad one of them isn't to learn to count.

• Moby admits to spending Wednesday evening DJing a rave, but points out that it's not really the New Year to "the vast majority of people on the planet." While he ends on a hopeful not, we have to ask—who's the "Debbie Downer" now?

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