If you've been plotting and planning on ways to win Nick Jonas' heart, you might want to keep those notes in a very safe place to come back to another time.

While chatting with E! News about his new album Last Year Was Complicated, which dropped today, the hunky singer revealed that he just doesn't have time to be with anyone right now. "I don't know if I'm really looking for another relationship at the moment," he tells us.

"I think it's really all about the work right now. I've literally had no time. I've been so busy, there's literally been zero time. Maybe at some point, but right now, it's full steam ahead."

Aside from various projects, including touring with Demi Lovato, Jonas has been busy putting work in the studio to release his latest project, an album he explains was very "therapeutic" for him.

Nick Jonas, Shay Mitchell, ''Under You'' Video, GIF

Island Records

"I think this record-making process was very therapeutic for me in many ways. Being able to kind of pour my life and heart into the music and tell my stories in a really honest way felt great," Nick tells E! News.

"It's the rare opportunity you have as an artist to be able to work through some of the stuff in your life, and hopefully it helps people in their own journey and whatever they're going through."

In fact, along with releasing the album, Nick also revealed the music video for his new single "Under You," exclusively on Tidal—and it's hot. Seriously, you'll find yourself blushing.

Jonas' video features the gorgeous Shay Mitchell as his love interest, and there's a lot that happens in the video (crying, fighting, rage, angst), but the part that will leave you flustered is their sexy shower scene. They didn't hold back, y'all (please see GIF above for reference).

"Shay is amazing," the 23-year-old told us of his costar. "She's obviously gorgeous and an amazing person. I think she's matches her beauty in her personality. She's really sweet. She was willing to dig really deep in the video. It's an emotional song and required pretty intense acting situations as well. I thought she killed it."

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