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Old Usher is back, ladies and gentleman!

When the singer first burst onto the scene decades ago (yes, it really has been decades), he carved out a musical niche for himself that we casually refer to as the Bedroom Soundtrack. You all know what we're talking about—jams like "You Make Me Wanna," "Nice & Slow" and "U Got It Bad" were written for one thing and one thing only. (Use your imagination here.) 

In addition to the beats that are reminiscent of certain behind-closed-doors activities, he gravitated toward lyrics that were, um, straightforward. "I got plans to put my hands in places I've never seen, girl you know what I mean." Or "See I've been waiting for this so long, making love until the sun comes up." We could go on and on, but let's keep things PG.

But then as of late, Usher has been putting out songs that are more of the club-banger variety; jams that are meant to be played while popping a bottle of very expensive champagne and heading to Vegas, perhaps. Those are great, but we won't deny missing the Usher of the late '90s and early aughts. And now, he's back. 

In an unanticipated move, Usher surprise-dropped two brand new tracks this morning. His upcoming album still doesn't have a release date, but he decided to #bless the world with the Usher we used to know, love, and invite into our collective bedrooms on a daily basis. It's good to have you back, bud.

The two tracks are "No Limit" featuring Young Thug and "Crash." You can listen to the first on Tidal here and the other below. But beyond getting your groove on, the real (and hilarious) draw here is a return to lyrics both dirty and insanely sappy. Because we're never (or almost never) ones to turn down an opportunity to gawk at smut and swoon over romance, we've picked our top ten favorite bootylicious lyrics. Enjoy, and definitely don't share with us how it is you plan to enjoy them.

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10. "I'm not thinking 'bout nobody else but you/ You're the only one who takes me there"

9. "Cause I may not know you/ Let me hold you/ You be my soldier/ And you from the 'Nolia"

8. "Would you mind if I still loved you/ Would you mind if things don't last/ Would you mind if I hold onto/ You so I don't crash"

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7. "And I really, really wanna love you/ And I'm really only yours"

6. "I could put karats all over you/ Karats all over you/ Never mind, we only poppin' s--t"

5. "Morning light, I'm at your door/ One last time, and no one's there/ Drove all night, just to beat you home"

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4. "Make you say uh, no limit/ Give you that black card, no limit/ Give you that ghetto D girl, no limit"

3. "You finer than wine/ Baby girl I ain't lying"

2. "Yeah I'm tryna make you mine/ Put a tingle in your spine"

1. "We got to vibe, we got a wave/ You should ride on it"

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