Many thanks to Megan Fox for rallying after an early wakeup call—and despite being a bit under the weather—in order to take the E!Q in 42 with E! News' Marc Malkin.

Must be all the Turtle power she's been exposed to lately.

In fact, Fox's latest movie is the reigning champ at the box office, the sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows making $35.3 million to come in at No. 1 last weekend.

So while the actress, who's pregnant with her third child, has yet another reason to celebrate, we also understand why she's tired and would far prefer a nap to...

Well, you know. Right now, anyway.

Moreover, she's let it be known during her various promotional appearances that her baby's birth date is fast approaching, so it's best she rest up.

And yet, not surprisingly, the star answered our burning questions so frankly, eyes all a-smolder, that she couldn't help but captivate despite the sleepiness.

Watch and beware the high chances of being quite charmed.

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