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If you've been on Twitter over the last few days, there have been quite a few targeted Twitter hacks aimed at celebrities and other major accounts.

From Lana Del Rey tweeting that "Bush did 911," to Kylie Jenner posting, "my sex tape with Tyga was trash," Katy Perry calling people derogatory names and the several unlikely death announcements, we've all been really confused.

However, we can now rest (somewhat) easily as Twitter is aware of the problem, issuing a statement to E! News on Wednesday.

"A number of other online services have seen millions of passwords stolen in the past several weeks," a Twitter spokesperson told us. "We recommend people use a unique, strong password for Twitter. We detail other steps people can take to keep their accounts secure on our help center here.''

While the hacked tweets have since been deleted, some fans captured screenshots of them while other accounts tweeted apologies:

1. Kylie Jenner Tweeted About a Sex Tape:

Kendall Jenner, Hacked Tweets


2. Drake Encouraged Fans to Follow a Random Account:

3. Katy Perry ''Misses'' Taylor Swift:

Katy Perry, Twitter


4. Lana Del Rey Blamed President George W. Bush:

Lana Del Rey, Hacked Tweets


5. The NFL Announced Commissioner's Death:

6. Tenacious D Announced Jack Black's Death:

7. Mark Zuckerberg Punked People:

8. Keith Richards Dropped Threats:

9. Bon Iver Asked for Follows:

10. Cody Simpson Calls People Names:

Cody Simpson, Hacked Tweets


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