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As many moms know, finding some quality time for a date night isn't the easiest task.

Between careers, traveling and children, days can just fly by leaving one-on-one time with your partner hard to come by. Fortunately, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have demonstrated that you can balance it all and still make time for each other.

In honor of couple's week at E! News, we asked the fashion designer and reality star her ideal date night where you didn't have to worry about time, expenses and distractions. Her answer may just surprise you.

"I would honestly just want to stay put in Chicago and start by playing cornhole in our backyard during the day with the kids running around," Kristin shared with E! News exclusively. "We're super competitive. Then, get dressed up and go to dinner at a good Italian spot and eat pasta and drink wine. I would still be in bed no later than 11 p.m."

With three kids to raise, someone is thinking things through!

As for what she would like to discuss over some tasty food, let's just say she'll be leaving any drama at the door.

"The conversation and energy would be light and fun," she shared. "And we would be flirty and hold hands."

Ever since saying "I Do" back in June 2013, Kristin and Jay have managed to keep the spark alive in their relationship. Out of all the tips she has shared with fans throughout married life, one simple word may be used for all couples.

"COMMUNICATION!" she tweeted when asked by a fan how to make your relationship last. "You can't assume the other knows how u are feeling...Learn 2 B a good fighter (or less of one) by saying this makes ME feel…instead of YOU did this. Don't be afraid 2 B vulnerable (hard 4 me!)."

And for all those single and ready to mingle, the author of Balancing in Heels has some advice for you too. "Stay busy! No social media stalking…cut them out of your life completely," she shared during a Q&A. "Go out with your girls, get dressed up, and dance."

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