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Once upon a time, Jenni "JWoww" Farley decided to get a sleeve.ft;">You may not have taken the former Jersey Shore star as a big Disney fan, but that she is. In fact, the reality star just revealed on Instagram that she's decided to get a large tattoo on her arm, and it's all dedicated to Disney.

Oh, and true love, of course.ft;">The mother of two explains, "As a teen I saw brother bear being made and from that day on I wanted to work for Disney. I Moved to NYC to go to college for animation and graphics but during my senior year I had a chance to go on a little show called jersey shore."

She continued, "Fast forward 7 years later, my love for Disney never changed. I grew up always saying I'm going to find my 'Prince Charming' and have my 'happily ever after.' Even though @rogermathewsnj is the love of my life and the one for me, I learned there is no fairy tales. Relationships are hard work and you have to work your ass off to keep them. Everyday isn't 'once upon a time' and 'true love' you have to put in work and compromise with the one you decide to be with. So that's my sleeve.

"I took four major scenes from Disney that represent 'true love' and @sarahmillertattoo is helping me show the reality. These four scenes will be the same except for their expressions... We turned them into everyday couples with everyday problems... And possibly 'happily never after' because at the end of the day, everyday isn't a fairy tale. Cannot wait for August when it is complete and comes to life @inkedmag."

From the photo, we can see that there's a Beauty and the Beast reference and Cinderella.

Farley may candidly admit that her marriage takes work, but she also recently gushed about her hubby to E! News, exclaiming that she fell in love with him all over again after giving birth to her second child, Greyson Valor Mathews.

"We have much more respect for each other now. Roger is so hands on with both of them it made me fall in love with him all over again," she told us exclusively.

"We also learned to talk through disagreements rather than be stubborn or argue. We don't want our children to see us fighting. We want them to learn how to talk through things and grow from the experience."

And perhaps, live happily ever after.

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